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August 24 – September 4: Stuttgart becomes a Wine Village

For over 30 years in Stuttgart, at the end of August, wine is celebrated with an important colorful and festive event. In the central square, the Schlossplatz, and in the Schlossgarten, dozens of food and wine stands are set up where you can sample local wines such as Riesling, Schillerwein and Trollinger.

At the end of August millions of both German and foreign visitors arrive every year in Stuttgart for the wine festival. The Stuttgart Wine Village is a must for consumers, producers and distributors of ‘grape juice’.

It is an event carefully organized by the administration and exhibitors. The Wine Village is in fact an important showcase not only for one of the main products of the local economy, but also wants to be an example of joyful but peaceful lifestyle.

The preparation of the event is long and complex. In fact, in addition to the arrangements of wine alcoves in the city centre, also several stages are set up, where music groups and folk dancers perform in Swabian shows.

Stuttgart hotels are literally swamped during this event which is recurrent for 20 years even in the city of Hamburg. During the Stuttgart and Hamburg Wine Festivals, there are over a thousand small, medium and large wine producers who present their products.

The preparation of the stands is also very well taken care of. In the central square in Stuttgart, long covered alcoves with long tables are built where wine and delicacies of local cuisine are served, such as the most typical dish, Spätzle soup, made with potatoes, beef and vegetables, or Linsen mit Saiten, lentils with sausage.

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  1. Palace on Wheels July 7, 2011

    nice festival , most popular event of Germany.

    • Francy July 7, 2011

      I agree dear reader, Germany is such a wonderful place, always able to surprise and strike with parties, events and joyful people. A place where tradition blended with innovation always ends up with some special thing to suite any taste! This event you adore is a clear example!
      Thank you for your feedback!
      Cheers 🙂

  2. interior designers melbourne July 7, 2011

    I haven’t been to Germany. I think this is a nice place to visit. I wish I would be given a chance to visit there. Thanks for sharing.

    • Francy July 8, 2011

      So don’t miss that visit, dear reader! A holiday in Germany is undoubtedly worth it! Thank you for reading! Keep following us for further information 🙂

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