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June 30 to July 5: Wine Festival in Freiburg

Over 400 wines and sparkling wines can be tasted at the Freiburg Wine Festival, in Baden-Württemberg Land – Germany, on Münsterplatz, the Cathedral Square. It is not only on the square that the festival takes place, but also in restaurants, inns and bars in the area where you can also taste the dishes of Baden-Württemberg cuisine.

From June 30 to July 5, the Freiburger-Weinfest will be attended by hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over Europe, who will take advantage of this event to learn about new products, especially new wine producers in Baden. This is a folk and traditional festival, but also a business opportunity for many wine suppliers.

Wine and wineries of the Baden region, and not only, are present on the large square with food stands, with a range of hundreds of different wines and champagnes. During the festival, major restaurants in Freiburg organize wine tastings with pairings of food and high quality wines.

The historical centre of Freiburg is very small, easily walkable and full of narrow streets and squares. Münsterplatz is the centre of the city, a short distance from many hotels of excellent quality, but also cheaper solutions. To participate in the week of the Wine Festival, advanced booking at the hotels in Freiburg is warmly recommended.

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  1. Matt May 31, 2011

    Always love Germany for its alcohol! good beers and tours to the Mosel valley to pick up wine to take back to the UK always a fantastic time.

  2. Daniela May 31, 2011

    I agree Matt! the Mosel valley is one of the best winelands ever! wonderful and unforgettable wine tours in that area! who knows, some good articles may come up soon on that topic ;)

  3. Car hire services June 30, 2011

    Marvellous articles. Very informative blog. Will wait for more

    • Francy July 1, 2011

      Thank you very much dear reader!

      Keep following us … it’s our hope to never disappoint you ;)


  4. Coltin November 13, 2011

    My hat is off to your atuste command over this topic-bravo!

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