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Luther’s Wedding, Wittenberg, June 17-19, 2011

Since 1994 in the town of Wittenberg, Saxony-Anhalt region, a great festival is held in memory of Martin Luther’s marriage to Katharina von Bora. Katharina was a nun who left the convent because of her love for Luther, after he published his ‘claims’ against Indulgences, giving rise to the Protestant Reformation (1517).

The Luther’s Wedding Festival, “Luthers Hochzeit”, is held every year in the second weekend of June. In these days the city is crowded with tens of thousands of tourists participating in a full program of events and exhibitions. The whole city of Wittenberg assumes a medieval appearance, with many masked characters featuring the ancient arts and crafts of that era.

A beautiful medieval market is set up in the city centre, while in front of the church of St. Marine, where Luther preached, the city’s associations provide entertainment in the historical Luther House courtyard, with dancing to the rhythm of medieval music and great meat dishes accompanied by beer.

The highlight of the festival is the great bridal costume parade, with more than 2000 citizens of Wittenberg parading in costume, behind two players who embody the bride and groom. During the Feast, over sixty events are scheduled, including concerts, theatrical performances – many of which are dedicated to children – and guided tours of the most significant places where the Reformation came to life. The ticket to participate in all events is very cheap: only 10 €. For information:

Photo by El Bibliomata

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