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Show Me: The Revue at Berlin’s Friedrichstadt-Palast

Starting from October 18, in Berlin, the myth of Theatre Revue relives on the spectacular stage of Friedrichstadt-Palast, in a riot of colors, technology, showgirls and dancers. As noted by Wikipedia, in the late thirties to the mid-Fifties a Revue was a “popular theatrical entertainment that combines music, dance and sketches inspired by everyday life and traditional erotic-sentimental cliches, joined by a thin thread and characterized by the presence of fixed characters as soubrettes“.

With Show Me, at the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin, spectators will be catapulted into the world of Busby Berkeley, famous for his amazing choreographies in the Musicals of the 1930s and 1940s, of Florenz Ziegfeld, producer of the wonderful performances in Ziegfeld Follies, staged on Broadway in the 1920s, and Esther Jane Williams, swimming champion and actress who became famous thanks to her water musicals, including the timeless Bathing Beauties, premiered in 1944.

Show Me is the most expensive show ever produced, with imposing stages, acrobatic artists and rampant eroticism among colors, paillettes and lights. All this is possible thanks to the magnificent theater of Berlin’s Mitte district center, its 2800 square meters area, a 140 000 liters water basin and a ‘railroad’ where huge buildings and giants go back and forth.

All this would be useless, however, without the contribution of the award-winning 60 person ballet group featuring on the stage, in a blaze of bodies and sensuality, including, in particular, the longest dancers ‘row’ in the world. Show Me – Glamour is back is the full title of the show that for months with catalyze the attention of the general public. There is talk of a budget of 9 million Euros for a production that includes hundreds of artists including dancers, musicians and performers.

A not to be missed show, with prices ranging from 20 to 110 Euros, but also a few at 220 Euros, for those who will comfortably sit in the front row and enjoy an event that takes the breath away.

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