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Musical events: Die große Schlager-Starparade

This has long been one of the most awaited events for German music. From June to December, the major representatives of the national pop scene are engaged in a tour through the cities of Hanover, Bremen, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Erfurt, Magdeburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Oberhausen. This is Die große Schlager-Starparade.

As every year, in order to avoid the possibility of bad weather, the concerts of Die große Schlager-Starparade are held indoors, in concert halls or spaces set up within exhibition centers. This limits a bit the number of visitors, but ensures the success of the single concerts concentrated in the six months from June to December.

The organizers of this event are Germany’s local radio stations. Ticket prices start at 40 Euros, for a 6-7 hour concert. On average, there are some 10-12 performing artists on each date: therefore, every single performance is a concert … within the concert.

The halls of the events are set up to ensure perfect visibility for both those occupying the many seats and those enjoying the concert from the standing rows. For each event, moreover, two big video screens are also set up to provide perfect visibility even to those far away from the stage.

In the area where the concerts are held, many service areas are also set up, with stalls selling food and beverages, to provide maximum comfort to fans attending the musical events.

Here are the dates for “Die große Schlager-Starparade”:
– June 16: Erfurt Messehalle (Gothaer Strasse, 34)
– September 14: Magdeburg Getec-Arena (Berliner Chaussee, 32)
– September 21: Stuttgart Schleyer-Halle (Mercedesstrasse, 69)
– November 4: Oberhausen König Pilsener Arena (Arenastrasse, 1)
– December 2: Frankfurt Festhalle (Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage, 5).

Some of the performing artists on these Schlager-Starparade dates are the following: Helene Fischer, Vicky Leandros, Rosanna Rocci, Roland Kaiser, Olaf Berger, Nino De Angelo, Michelle, Michael Morgan, Karel Gott, Claudia Jung, Bernhard Brink, and many others.

Photo by TalhofFestival

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