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European Media Art Festival: a unique platform for digital and media art

The European Media Art Festival, to be held in Osnabrück from April 18 to 22, is a leading event for the world of media arts. This international event, is the largest showcase of experimental shorts and feature films, digital art, animation and multimedia, in the world of media arts. The Festival is considered one of the leading forums in the industry, attended by artists, art dealers and distributors.

Osnabrück is a city in Lower Saxony, less than thirty kilometers away from Münster airport. The European Media Art Festival is a very significant event for media arts. More than two thousand works were presented: of these, 240 have been selected and will have their limelight during the Festival. They all address current issues, ranging from Middle Eastern politics to ecology, from the effects of neo-colonialism, to the great advantages – but also the disappointments – of new technologies.

All this will happen in a cool and amusing atmosphere, besides being a great moment of collective insight. The movies, videos, installations and performances presented by the artists, involve the entire city of Osnabrück. A total of 14 locations will be hosting the works of new and old digital artists. In particular, movies will be screened in three areas: at the Zimmertheater, Lohstrasse, at Filmtheater Hasetor, Hasestrasse, and Lagerhalle, in Rolandsmauer.

Every year, the European Media Art Festival (Emaf) is able to present an overview of the current world by putting forward new works and projects to the public. This year’s main events in the event include: the Emaf-Award – for trendsetting works of media art; Dialogpreis, sponsored by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which aims to enhance and promote intercultural exchange; and finally, the award for best experimental film, sponsored by the German Federation of German film journalists.

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