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Time Warp Mannheim: 15 hours of nonstop Techno music

As every year since 1994, Techno Music fans will gather once again for a truly unique event. The leading European event for Techno music will be held in Mannheim, German city in the state of Baden-Württemberg, and the location will be Maimarkthalle, an area of ​​8 000 square meters which can accommodate 15 000 people. Some fifty artists will be performing at Time Warp from March 31 at 7pm to April 1 at 12 noon, delighting fans of this genre with their electronic instruments and consoles.

Top international techno artists and DJs will take part in Time Warp, along with the best lightshow engineers, sound technicians and VJs. Time Warp is considered a mandatory event for electronic music fans, the highest expression of state-of-the-art technology to create some of the best sounds.

Artists and audience will be transported into a unique dimension for 15 nonstop hours, in a fascinating intersection of sound and technology, where the common denominator is the passion for electronic music.

Over the years, the Time Warp community has been growing exponentially, in so much as that since 2000 the location of the event has been moved and now it takes place at the large exhibition center in Mannheim. From 1994 to 2000 the event was held in a much smaller venue called “Walzmühle” in Ludwigshafen, a city in Rhineland-Palatinate.

The atmosphere during Time Warp is something indescribable to those who have never been there or don’t like Techno music. The Time Warp Project, in fact, is something that involves organizers and public all year round, establishing an ongoing exchange of ideas.

Due to the specialness of the event, Time Warp is very accurately planned. On the spot, consumer products are provided, as well as locker boxes where people can keep backpacks and change of clothes, food or beverages. The locker rental cost is only 5 Euros.

The ticket is quite cheap too, considering the scope and duration of the event: 60 Euros plus presale fee. Admission is strictly limited to those aged 18 (with strict controls at the entrance). Time Warp’s Facebook page and official website are an essential source of information for those wishing to attend the event.

Photo by Retinafunk

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