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September 23– October 9: the Beer Festival in Stuttgart, Cannstatter Volksfest

Not only Munich has an Oktoberfest. Even in Stuttgart, since 1816, in early October is held a beer festival of all respect. Actually, there’s who appreciates it more than the one in Munich: less chaotic, less touristy and more traditional. This is Cannstatter Volksfest, held in the district of Bad Cannstatt in Stuttgart.

Bad Cannstatt is the oldest and most historic district of Stuttgart, well known for the presence of beautiful gardens, but especially for the thermal park. And of course for the Cannstatter Volksfest, the local beer festival.

The district of Bad Cannstatt is located on the east bank of River Neckar and boasts the presence of Europe’s biggest thermal spa. Known since Roman times, the thermal springs of Bad Cannstatt pour out more than 22 million liters of water per day to supply swimming pools and wellness centers in the area. The neighborhood also hosts the Wilhelma, a large zoological and botanical garden.

However, the major annual event in this area on the banks of the Neckar is the Cannstatter Volksfest, which leads to the city hundreds of thousands of tourists, but mostly involving citizens. The latter are in fact the real essence of the party, as this is a great opportunity to meet others and relax.

The festival in Stuttgart is in fact a little different from that of Munich, less chaotic and with far more accessible and composed stands. Of course, also here you will find millions of gallons of flowing beer, which accompany the typical dish of the feast, the Curry Wurst. Even food, according to many, is a bit more refined and more traditional.

The party starts under the Fruchtsäule, the wooden column decorated with fruit, 24 meters high, which is the heart of the event: at 11 o’clock of the first Saturday, the Lord Mayor inaugurates the festival with the traditional keg tapping and from that moment the party starts. The stands are open from morning until 11 pm.

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