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August 20: the steps of the Erfurt Cathedral the stage for The Magic Flute

Every year in August, the staircase that separates St. Mary’s Cathedral and St. Severi Church in Erfurt, capital city of Thuringia, becomes a magnificent open-air theater. This year, Mozart’s Magic Flute will be staged, between tradition and media technology. A truly magic event…

The open air Festival at the Cathedral, DomStufen-Festspiele, in Erfurt, is one of the major cultural events in the summer of Thuringia. The 70 steps of the staircase between two magnificent churches in the city, the Duomo and the church of St. Severi, will change completely: lights and colors make them become an open-air theater.

On the stairs you can attend performances of various kinds, dance, concerts and ballets, but at 8pm of August 20 this year 2011, you will enjoy the Magic Flute Opera.

This is the story of Prince Tamino and Pamina, but not least that of Papageno and Papagena, told and interpreted on the grand staircase, lit by lighting effects and colors. An event truly not to be missed.

Photo by brentbat

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