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May 6-8, it’s time for Hafengeburtstag: the Port Festival in Hamburg

For over 800 years, during the first weekend of May, the city of Hamburg has been celebrating the birthday of its port. This is a great opportunity to see parades of sailing ships from all times and boats from around the world.

The Port birthday of Hamburg, Hafengeburtstag, is a great opportunity to party, with music, parades of boats, hundreds of food stalls and a great fireworks show on Saturday night.

This 800 years old anniversary brings beautiful sailing ships and boats of all types and sizes on the Landungsbrücken. The Hafengeburtstag includes regattas, parades of antique boats, musical entertainment and street performers, but also air shows, skydiving and balloon trips.

The celebration dates back to 1189 and in the last few years attendance has peaked with more than a million tourists during the weekend.

The festivities will officially open at 10 am on Saturday morning in the presence of city authorities. For two days the port will be the stage for a series of events and music concerts live: in the stands erected for the occasion you can eat typical dishes such as Currywurst with French fries and of course you will be drinking beer at will.

Photo by Tobias Mandt

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