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130° Edition of the Kieler Woche, the Sailboat Regatta in Kiel, June 18th to 26th

The Kieler Woche is the largest sailing event in the world and takes place in Kiel, in Schleswig-Holstein Land, Germany, on the Baltic Sea. This is a sporting and dressy event that attracts more than 3 million people during this nine-day race: 5,000 athletes and over 2,000 boats for a total of 400 races.

But the Kieler Woche is also a major cultural event, glamorous and fun, with concerts of all kinds from rock to classical music, held on the outdoor stage Krusenkoppel. Between June 18 and 26, the city is full of artists, comedians, clowns, jugglers, acrobats who perform in city squares. Especially for children, recreational and cultural attractions are set up, organized by associations and institutions of Kiel.

In those days also takes place the week of culture, with high-level meetings and discussions. One of the most interesting meetings will be an international forum on economy, during which the Institute for World Economy will also be awarding its Global Economy Prize to representatives of science, particularly oceanography.

During the event, the city is permeated with an indescribable sea charm, with a flurry of masts and sails on the shores of the fjord and thousands of boats of all types moored along the docks. There will also be the tall multi-masted yachts, the most modern and sophisticated boats, as well as vintage ships that have sailed the seas over the past one hundred years all over the world.

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